Energy Healing in the form of Reiki - These treatments work on the physical and energetic bodies, heal the emotional, spiritual and karmic. Whether there's s a specific issue you'd like help with or for general wellbeing and relaxation Energy Healing is a joy to give and receive.


A personalised, therapeutic and nurturing approach to physical Yoga practice, incorporating functional movement, Yin Yoga, Hatha and Vinyasa or flowing classes. Whether your looking to improve your functional movement, general wellbeing or want to develop your current practice, Yoga with Hannah will leave you floating on air.


Monthly New Moon Womb Healing workshops are held on the Saturday or Sunday nearest to the New Moon



The next ones are 27th October, 24th November and a Winter Solstice Yin and Womb Yoga Special on December 21st.


Monthly"Deep Rest" Yin Yoga and Yoga Nidra Workshops are the third Saturday of the month



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Womb Healing

The Womb or Uterus is an organ suspended by ligaments inside the pelvic bowl. The Womb needs to be able to expand and contract throughout the menstrual cycle and during pregnancy.

If the Womb isn't resting in her optimal position the flow of energy in and around our creative center won't be optimal either. This has a direct effect on other organs and the body system as a whole. 

The Womb health impacts spiritual, emotional and physical health. There are many factors to Womb health. The physical placement and position will effect the ligaments, energy flow, hormone balance and vice versa. Childbearing, poor digestion, inflammation, injuries and tension in and around the hips and pelvis, as well as excessive exercise while menstruating or too soon after birth can all contribute to a displaced Womb. 

Womb Healing and Womb Healing Massage releases physical and emotional holding from around the Womb and Pelvic Bowl. Supporting digestive, immune, menstrual wellbeing, fertility and post natal recovery. Womb Healing and Womb Healing Massage can be especially useful for supporting and improving symptoms of PCOS, Endometriosis, Cysts and Fibroids.

Womb Healing and Womb Healing Massage can support healing from rape, sexual assault, abuse and trauma of our own and the patterns of these experiences that we may be carrying from our ancestors.

Heal your Womb, heal your life, heal the world.

 Reiki Training Courses

Angelic Reiki is the energy healing for our time. There are four modules to the complete system and you choose how far you want to go. The first is Self Healing, second Self Mastery, third Practitioner and the fourth and final one Master Teacher. Whether you're thinking of learning the healing art of Reiki for your own spiritual development or to become a practitioner or teacher, it really is the most perfect gift for you and anyone you choose to share it with.

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Holistic Fertility

Hannah offers a holistic and soulful approach to conscious conception, fertility, pregnancy, birth and beyond. Holistic Fertility for anyone that has had difficulty conceiving, has been going through assisted conception, or wants a new perspective on preparing for parenthood through Fertility Massage Therapy, understanding the journey from the perspective of the soul away waiting to be born and the effects of family history and our own conception to birth journey on who we are today.

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