After a highly successful, relaxing, restoring and reviving long weekend this November and a series of day Retreats in 2017. You'll want to watch this space for the next one.


To give you an idea of what to expect here's how Novembers Winter Wonder Woman Retreat went...


Delicious, nutritious and comforting food by award winning plant based food consultant and chef Niki Webster. Check out Niki at Guided meditations tor connect with your heart, Yin Yoga, Flow Yoga and Yoga Nidra that brings you back to yourself with Hannah.

Wood burning stoves and stunning views, stylish and luxurious accommodation. The Barsham Barns have been beautifully restored and renovated by an award winning architect. Crisp winter walks on the beach or through the unspoiled countryside, stay curled up by the fireplace with your favourite book, indulge in a 121 yoga or healing session or relax in the sauna or hot tub


 "I had a lovely time. I loved the venue, classes and food. The amount of classes were great. Absolutely love the love you bring and can’t wait to see you again soon" - Portia


"Def come again!
Loved the venue and the space.
Loved the food!
Loved the yoga too and also the teacher!!
I liked the fact it wasn’t pressurised in that something mrs you just need a rest and may just want to have time to yourself which is equally important for me. I like my own space sometimes."

- Paula

"I had such a lovely time at this retreat meeting new people and doing wonderful yoga, so thank you firstly for creating that for us all. The accommodation was lovely, relaxing, comfortable and I enjoyed the location and the spa. The food was amazing and I enjoyed every meal. Nikki cooked amazingly and I did find every meal absolutely delicious. The yoga was wonderful. I only usually do yoga at home, so it was great to be taught and guided, and with a group of people."

- Hannah

"You were such a warm, maternal host!
Loved the vibe, it was akin to a sleepover. The location and all facilities were bloody awesome (did you try the jacuzzi?? Ermagod!!!) I’ve not eaten so much food since a relatives funeral. It was bloody awesome. I went back to work yesterday feeling great and refreshed and back at my 7am practice."

- Althea