Making Your Dreams Reality

With a dance background, a trained hypnotherapist, reiki master and teacher, Hannah brings both her passion and her experience. Helping you feel more connected with your soul purpose, embodied, grounded and fully in your own power.


"My Yoga and Healing journey began in 2006, before this time I often had difficulty managing my energy and emotions and often found myself on a roller coaster of highs and lows. I had read that Reiki and Yoga could help and was adamant I wasn't going down the route of medication, so began practicing Yoga and Meditation therapeutically and receiving regular healing. 


Along with a meditation practice, Yoga and Reiki completely changed my life. I found myself on a level, with lots more energy and able to let go of old emotion and fear. Through Yoga and Reiki, I found a feeling of peace and courage and I wanted to be able to share those benefits with as many people as possible.


Some time later I found myself experiencing anxiety attacks and could not seem to get past them on my own so I sought the help of a Hypnotherapist. Even after the first session I felt the benefits.


Hypnotherapy gives you the key to the power of your own mind, allows you to access your most capable and resouceful states. I knew this was the next part of my journey and embarked on training in Clinical Hypnotherapy and Neuro-Linguistic Programming. I am now a Hypnotherapist and Motivational Coach (Dip.C.Hyp/NLP) aswell as being a fully qualified Yoga Teacher, Reiki Master Teacher since 2012 and most recently a Holistic Fertility Coach and Fertility Massage Therapist.


Hannah now offers One on One and Small Group Sessions, Workshops, Retreats and Courses for Women's Wellness, Empowerment, Wellbeing, Conscious Conception and Fertility, Fertility Massage and Abdominal-Sacral Massage.


With Hannah you can expect to be challenged, uplifted, relaxed, guided safely and intuitively. You will find her nurturing, grounding, rejuvenating, warm and welcoming. 

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